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Have you ever thought about living on a farm? This game takes you through different lives. Don't be confused by the surface of the game. What code is hidden behind it?

You can kill all your neighbors and let the police fight them. If you do that from the beginning, you will be defeated. You don't deserve them at all.

You can steal neighbors'food at night and kill their sheep (don't be found).

They can also trade legally. Go to a police station or hospital to do legal work.

You choose whatever lifestyle you want.

What is the secret of the village hidden in the snow? It's an open world game. There's no main line. You can do anything. At present, the English version of the game is still a demo version of _DEMO, not the actual game version.

It's worth mentioning that don't try to annoy your mother's adverbial clause: Be careful of their children on the next farm

。 It's better to do something legal in the game. If you do something bad, the police will come to you. But the whole game depends on you.

You can play online preview directly at this address.:


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